Closet Accessories

Create organization in your closet with a custom designer who considers the details. Any home organizer will tell you–everything needs a designated place. From hanging storage to drawers and custom cabinetry, laundry hampers to specialty storage, More Space Place lives up to its name to efficiently use every inch to meet the most unique storage needs. The key is customization using the highest quality components in your closet design.

Consider how these closet accessories might streamline getting ready every morning.

  • custom closet pole
    Closet poles are essential for even the most basic closet. Available in a variety of finishes.

Belt racks, tie racks, laundry hampers, jewelry drawers, wardrobe lifts, sliding doors, shoe racks, mirrors, ironing boards, sliding shelves, valet rods… our list of closet accessories is long, and they come in a variety of styles and finishes. Customization is key to organization.

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