• Simple entertainment center

    Sometimes less is more when it comes to design. At More Space Place, our goal is to create space-saving designs that reflect our customers’ personal style and the specific needs of the space. Here’s a simple entertainment center designed with a wall-mount TV in mind, finished in gray with Ardesia gray drawer fronts. Plenty of room for all components, remotes, movies, etc.

    If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area interested in having a custom entertainment center designed for your space, More Space Place can get it done in a variety of finishes and designs. Call John at (214) 436-5433 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


    entertainment center

  • Walk-in Closet Design – Bent Tree in Dallas

    Thanks to Jeffrey Design, we have some beautiful photos to share of a walk-in closet we designed for a client in the Bent Tree neighborhood in Dallas.  They went with antique white cabinets and Ardesia Gray Cross Grain cabinet and drawer fronts. Not a bad place to keep shoes organized, if we do say so ourselves. Wouldn’t this be a gorgeous place to pick out your outfit for the day?

    More Space Place designs closets, from walk-in to small wall closets, to fit our customer’s unique needs and style. If you’re interested in getting your shoes, clothes, jewelry, suits, and whatever else you’d like to keep in creative and beautiful storage, give John a call at (214) 436-5433.

    Bent Tree - Front end closet 2

    Bent Tree - Back End Closet

    Bent Tree - Back End Closet 2

    Bent Tree - Front End Closet

  • Custom panel bed with hidden closet door

    As a follow-up to our last post about the Chesterfield panel bed with the hidden closet door, here are some more photos with the completed sofa portion of the bed. I also included a video of the hidden closet door–who would have thought there was that much storage space back there?

    The bed is shown closeed with a custom couch.

    The bed is shown closeed with a custom couch.

    Bed is shown closed with a custom sofa. To the right is the hidden closet door, shown open.

    Bed is shown closed with a custom sofa. To the right is the hidden closet door, shown open.

    Chesterfield Panel Bed, shown open

    Chesterfield Panel Bed, shown open

    Custom designed sofa, part of the Chesterfield panel bed.

    Custom designed sofa, part of the Chesterfield panel bed.

    To see how we can help you design your own custom bed, home office, or closet, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Call (214) 436-5433.

  • Progression: Design to Installation

    Every piece of furniture–whether it be a Murphy bed, kitchen pantry, garage shelving, media center, or custom closet–is custom-designed. Each customer has their own style, and each room has specific quirks that we can work around or even work into your design. In this case, the quirk was a closet that worked into our design. The customer was delighted to have the additional storage space of a bookshelf door.

    We started with a design.

    More Space Place Dallas bed design

    Then, we actually put together the bed in the showroom, making sure it was ready for the actual installation

    Shown with closet door closed.

    Shown with closet door closed.


    Shown with closet door open.

    Shown with closet door open.

    The next thing was to transport and install the bed at the customer’s condominium. Shown below is our installer Joel. Things were coming together!

    imagejpeg_2 (2)

    More Space Place Dallas murphy bed install

    And, finally, we cleaned up our mess and let the customer enjoy his custom-designed bed. This was a Metropolitan style panel bed with a custom couch and custom-designed bookshelves.

    More Space Place Dallas custom panel bed bookshelf door

    Your options really are limitless. Quirks and all, we really can make the best of any room. Contact us today to set up a free consultation for your space-saving furniture needs!

  • Mayfair Condominium Installation: Dallas, Texas

    Back in May, we installed a Jefferson Library Bed at the gorgeous Mayfair Condos in Dallas. The Jefferson is one of our most popular beds. Its classic styling, space saving design, and utilitarian bookshelves make it a perfect choice. Below are some pics of the job. Our installer, Joel, did a great job!

    Now through July 1, save on the Jefferson Library Bed or another customer favorite, the Madison Bi-fold Murphy Bed. Be sure to take advantage of this limited-time offer!

  • Custom Closet Design at More Space Place

    More Space Place Closet System dimensions.Custom furniture is an affordable reality with your personal style and vision, and our custom furniture designers and installers. Organize your closet the way you always dreamed, or create a guest bedroom that does double duty as a home office. The design possibilities are almost endless. Using More Space Place design center, our professional design consultants listen to how you envision the rooms in your home ought to look, and make that vision come to life.

    Our professional consultants create a design based on your specifications. Tell us if you decide you want to add a drop-down desk, additional cabinetry or extra shelving. The designer can integrate your request as you watch to make sure you are satisfied with the customized design. Then, our installers build the space-saving furniture with your selected finishes and colors.

    We’re excited to provide you with a free design consultation so you can see your imagination come to life in a custom design. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

  • Custom closet

    I found myself in an awkward position this afternoon, as I tried to capture images of one of our latest installations–a custom closet.  I stood in the doorway of the closet, stretching my camera into the corner of the walk-in closet, attempting to photograph the floor to ceiling shelving and cabinetry. I crouched down, zoomed in, stretched out, to try and capture every angle I could. Not all closets are big. This one certainly wasn’t. It was evident as I worked to take pictures. But it was strikingly clean, simple, and utilitarian. These beautiful closets are difficult to capture in images or words.

    Many closets are design afterthoughts, but a custom design can, not only raise your home’s value, but make your storage seem less like an afterthought and more like an extension of the bedroom.  More Space Place can design your closet as an intentional reflection of your personal style.


  • Small spaces are our specialty.

    smallspacesMore Space Place has furniture and space-saving solutions for dwellings of any size. Transform your tiny apartment into a functional and beautiful space. Turn the cluttered home office into an organized work area, complete with Murphy bed for guests. While we can improve large spaces greatly with our custom furniture and designs, small spaces can be expanded with our high quality material and creative design. Contact us for an appointment!

  • Our installers are the best.

    5reasonsWe often meet customers who want to build their own Murphy bed. Usually, they are in search of the Murphy bed mechanism and plans. “Can I install a wall bed myself?” they ask.  DIY is popular on sites like Pinterest (which we love!), and is a great way to save money.  We aim to please, and we certainly want to keep our customers happy.  The answer is that we highly recommend our customers allow our experienced installers to build our wall beds.

    Five reasons custom installation is better than DIY when it comes to wall beds

    1. Murphy beds, panel beds, or a custom closet design can raise the value of your home. Let us create a design that will certainly raise your home’s value, and get it installed properly so that it looks appealing and professionally installed both while you’re living and enjoying it, and when you sell it.
    2. Having one of our custom designs installed properly the first time reduces wear and tear. Our professional installers will make your custom Murphy bed, custom closet, home office, or custom pantry lasts.
    3. Once we install it, we’re happy to help uninstall and reinstall our wall beds, should a customer needs to relocate. Let us do it right the first time so that we can reinstall it perfectly the second time.
    4. Put simply: it’s safer. Our installers know how to build your custom design in a way that will swing open, ease closed, and remain anchored safely and comfortably.
    5. We know what we’re doing! Our professional installers have been trained on our particular designs, and are the best people to do the job.

    Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation to get more information about Murphy bed and panel bed designs, custom closets, pantry, laundry, garage, and other organizational solutions, as well as professional installation.


  • When Guests Go Home

    alarm clockWe have guest bedrooms on the brain here at More Space Place.  It is November, which means the holidays are fast approaching. Guests are coming. We can help you prepare with custom designed Murphy beds and panel beds.

    But what does the guest bedroom become when guests go home?

    We can design a multi-functional space that is both comfortable for your holidays guests and functional through the rest of the year.  Here are five ways to keep your guest bedroom functional, even when guests go home:

    Home Office – These days, who doesn’t take work home sometimes? Consider creating a comfortable work space at home, complete with wall bed when guests arrive. Office supplies remain well-organized on custom shelving and cabinetry. Implement slide-aside shelving or even a swing out desk to save space. We can make working at home feel less like work in a custom-designed home office.

    Craft Room – Fold away a Murphy bed to make room for creativity. Craft supplies, sewing machines, fabric, ribbons, wrapping paper all have a place in your custom craft room. Create an island work surface with drawers, cabinets or shelving underneath. We maximize space. How inspiring!

    Play Room – How fun would it be to have a little extra space for the kids to spread out and play? When guests arrive, tuck toys away in creative storage shelving and cabinets, and unfold a Murphy bed.

    Exercise Room – Create storage for exercise equipment. Create space by folding away a custom-designed wall bed. No excuses left for not getting in shape!

    Creative Storage – We can design all sorts of hidden and open storage using an almost endless selection of finishes and hardware. Tuck your less frequently used items away in an organized storage area, and your guests will still have plenty of space when they visit.

    Contact us today to talk through a custom design for your multi-functional guest room.