Garages and Workshops


Does it seem impossible to organize a space that’s supposed to hold your tools, hobby supplies, sports gear, holiday decorations, and a random assortment of household items? Let More Space Place prove that nothing is impossible. Let our designers help you reclaim your garage with a custom workshop design.

Utilizing enclosed cabinetry, shelves, and a versatile system of wall hooks and hangers so brilliant you’d think NASA helped engineer it, our Garage Systems bring order where there was once chaos. Even better, these flexible customized systems make it effortless to keep your organized workshop in order.

infinite possibilities

From seasonal storage to frequently used power tools, whether your garage doubles as a workshop, a tool shed, household storage, or all three, we’ll tailor the perfect garage system for your specific needs.

cabinets and shelving
First and foremost, our garage systems are extra sturdy, designed to withstand the heavy use garage storage calls for. They are customizable to fit your space and usage requirements.

slat board wall system
Your garage will work for you, from floor to ceiling, thanks to our ingenious, interchangeable system. Hundreds of accessories (hooks, baskets, shelves, etc.) are available to make a place for everything.

tool racks
Keep your most used tools within easy sight and reach, conveniently mounted to our slat-board wall system.

work benches
Custom designed work benches to fit your needs, and finished with an impeccable surface. Available in standing or sitting heights.

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