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    More Space Place closet system, mod collection

    More Space Place closet system, mod collection

    The closet ought to be a pleasant area in which to dress, a spot that is well-organized and easily accessible. Here are some ideas to consider when organizing your closet:

    Weed your wardrobe. Donate clothes that are badly damaged, do not fit, or simply are not worn frequently. Clothes storage is about showcasing well-chosen, beautiful articles, not just stuffing clothes where they’ll fit. Make room for a high-quality wardrobe. Less is more.

    Choose appropriate clothes hangers. A uniform style of hanger helps clothes hang neatly at one height and depth. When it looks neater, it stays organized and functional.

    Organize clothing by type and shade. Skirts hang in one area; pants and blouses hang in another. Organization by color makes selecting an outfit a breeze. Consider item-specific accessories such as a slide-out tie rack or jewelry drawer to keep things in place. When everything has a place, it tends to stay in place.

    Walk-in Closet System

    Consider a storage island like this one for your walk-in closet.

    Use a garment bag to protect suits, dresses, and other fine articles of clothing.

    Create shelving. Not everything hangs, so shelving of the appropriate size and height is a must-have. When folding items to be stored on shelves, place heavier items on the bottom of the pile, lighter items on top. Be sure and keep folded and stacked items in short piles though, so that they are easily accessed. Group like items together, such as workout clothes or winter sweaters.

    Use the right storage accessories. Odds and ends need to be organized and stored. Otherwise, they float around the closet and can even be lost or damaged. Tie racks keep ties from getting crumpled. Jewelry drawers prevent necklaces from getting tangled with rings and bracelets. Hand bags need to be hung so that they are easily seen and selected.

    Store infrequently used items. One shouldn’t have to wade through a stack of winter coats to get to a light spring jacket. Store seasonal items in bins overhead. When a new season rolls around, swapping those items out is simple with the right storage accessories such as sliding bins or a pull-down clothes rack.

    Shoe storage specific to your collection is a must. Boots, heels, dress shoes, and running shoes need to be organized and stored so they are displayed easily accessible. Consider shelving as well as shoe-specific racks.

    Maximize the space you have. Just because it isn’t a spacious walk-in closet doesn’t mean it can’t be a pleasure to open the closet door. Turn a reach-in closet into a well-organized space by using every inch available. Turn a walk-in closet into a perfectly ordered dressing room, complete with storage island.

    More Space Place offers a suspended closet system, perfect for reach-in closets

    More Space Place offers a suspended closet system, perfect for reach-in closets

    Use every inch. Closet systems can be designed from floor to ceiling. Shelving can go all the way to the floor, or choose a suspended closet system that leaves space along the floor for extra storage. Sometimes that extra “kick space” is preferable simply for a neat and organized appearance. Single- and double-hung rods are a perfect way to maximize space.

    Choose an adaptable closet system. We change from year to year, and so do our belongings. Consider a closet system that adapts to your organizational needs with adjustable shelving and rods.

    Most importantly, Get creative with your organization design ideas! More Space Place offers endless solutions to your personal organization needs. Stop by our showroom in Plano, Texas, just outside Dallas, for a complimentary consultation to find out what can offer you in a tailored-just-for-you custom closet system.

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