• Garage Organization: How to Organize Your Garage

    garageDoes your car fit in the garage? Or has it been banished to the driveway because of clutter and disorganization? More Space Place has some creative garage organization ideas that will take your car garage from a messy storage nightmare to a functional and organized storage area.

    As with any home organization project, the first step to freeing up space for the car in your garage is to eliminate clutter. Create two piles: keep and donate. As a rule, if it hasn’t been used in 3 years, donate or dispose of it. The number one problem in home organization is the accumulation of useless stuff, and the garage is no exception. Purge ruthlessly, and you’ll be well on your way to functional storage and car garage.

    Items that make the “keep” pile need to be stored in labeled containers. Ditch cardboard boxes in favor of clear storage bins. This makes it easier to see the difference between a box of Christmas decorations and extension cords when the holidays come around.

    The next step is to build shelves and cabinetry to house what has been kept and organized. Get everything off the floor, and make a place for everything. This is where More Space Place can help. Our designers can create custom organization systems, perfectly suited for your storage needs. Transform a workshop dumping ground into attractive tool organization.

    More Space Place garage organization systems are revolutionary.

    We go beyond cheap wire shelving to custom, quality, adjustable shelving that changes with the times. Consider creating zones for different areas of your garage. More Space Place can help with brainstorming in this area, as we create a custom plan for your garage or workshop. Designate one area for sports equipment, another for seasonal decor, another for gardening gear, and another for tools. Storage dilemmas become opportunities for creativity with More Space Place.

    A few design components we offer:

    • Garage Wall Cabinets and Shelving – Extra sturdy and designed to withstand heavy use. Fully customizable according to garage storage space and needs.
    • Slat Board Wall System – Our interchangeable system expands storage and use from floor to ceiling. Lots of hooks, baskets, shelves, and other accessories to create a place for everything.
    • Garage Storage Racks– Keep frequently used tools within reach, conveniently mounted to our slat-board wall system.
    • Work Benches – At standing or sitting heights, our benches are custom designed and finished with an impeccable surface.

    Swing by our showroom right here in Plano to speak with an expert designer or schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.

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