• Custom closet

    I found myself in an awkward position this afternoon, as I tried to capture images of one of our latest installations–a custom closet.  I stood in the doorway of the closet, stretching my camera into the corner of the walk-in closet, attempting to photograph the floor to ceiling shelving and cabinetry. I crouched down, zoomed in, stretched out, to try and capture every angle I could. Not all closets are big. This one certainly wasn’t. It was evident as I worked to take pictures. But it was strikingly clean, simple, and utilitarian. These beautiful closets are difficult to capture in images or words.

    Many closets are design afterthoughts, but a custom design can, not only raise your home’s value, but make your storage seem less like an afterthought and more like an extension of the bedroom.  More Space Place can design your closet as an intentional reflection of your personal style.


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