• Progression: Design to Installation

    Every piece of furniture–whether it be a Murphy bed, kitchen pantry, garage shelving, media center, or custom closet–is custom-designed. Each customer has their own style, and each room has specific quirks that we can work around or even work into your design. In this case, the quirk was a closet that worked into our design. The customer was delighted to have the additional storage space of a bookshelf door.

    We started with a design.

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    Then, we actually put together the bed in the showroom, making sure it was ready for the actual installation

    Shown with closet door closed.

    Shown with closet door closed.


    Shown with closet door open.

    Shown with closet door open.

    The next thing was to transport and install the bed at the customer’s condominium. Shown below is our installer Joel. Things were coming together!

    imagejpeg_2 (2)

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    And, finally, we cleaned up our mess and let the customer enjoy his custom-designed bed. This was a Metropolitan style panel bed with a custom couch and custom-designed bookshelves.

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    Your options really are limitless. Quirks and all, we really can make the best of any room. Contact us today to set up a free consultation for your space-saving furniture needs!

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