• Custom Closet Design to Fit Your Home


    More Space Place is looking forward to moving into a larger space to accommodate areas of expansion. One of those areas is custom closets.

    Historically an afterthought in home design, modern closets have become rooms unto themselves.  Designed and decorated with thoughtful details such as granite top closet islands, shelving for every pump, sandal, and boot, crown molding and even chandeliers. Take a look at some of the trends. We love these:


    masculine walk-in closet

    white walk-in closet with chandelier


    Perhaps your taste in closet storage is a little simpler. Your space and budget might be limited. More Space Place is where to turn. Our specialty is space, after all. Feel free to dream. We can create functional yet attractive shelving, cabinetry and hanging storage that will make you smile when it’s time to get dressed. A neatly organized and displayed closet is a beautiful closet. Solutions to your organizational challenges are here.

    wall closet

    Whether you want to walk into your master closet and admire your shoe collection in the morning, or just have a simple linen closet that has a place for everything and everything in its place, More Space Place can design exactly what you seek, allowing you to declutter, simplify, and beautify your storage.

    Stop by our showroom in Carrollton, Texas, to talk to one of our designers about your storage needs.  We’re a family-owned business, offering storage solutions for every room in the house in the North Texas area.

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