• Benefits Of A Murphy Bed

    Murphy bed DallasWhen looking for ways to maximize efficiency and space in the home, many Dallas area homeowners don’t know about the great solution that is a Murphy bed. Murphy beds are a perfect way to increase floor space, add storage, and create a multifunctional room in your home. Here we’ll explore some of the top benefits of installing a Murphy bed in your home, so you can discover if it’s the right choice for you.

    Free Floor Space

    One benefit of Murphy beds is the floor space they free up when installing them in place of a regular bed. The counter-balanced folding mechanism not only allows you to bring the bed down at night and put it back during the day, but it also allows you to do it easily (with just one hand!). This system results in more available floor space for you and your family’s use.

    Extra Storage

    Another great thing about Murphy beds is they can be made with built-in storage components. Custom Murphy beds from More Space Place Dallas are designed and built in our own factories. This allows them to fit perfectly into your available space, achieve the look and style you want, and include various storage elements to make organization a breeze. Shelving, drawers, and cabinets can be combined to create a comprehensive storage system that works for your individual needs.

    Multipurpose Rooms

    A space-saving Murphy bed is great for creating a multipurpose room. These versatile beds can be added to almost any room to double it as a bedroom. If you don’t have an extra bedroom in your home to fully devote to occasional guests, you can install a Murphy bed in another room to create a comfortable place for guests to sleep when they come to stay. One common combination is installing a Murphy bed in a home office to double the workspace as a guest room. Your wall bed can come with a built-in desk for even more efficiency and utility. Another multipurpose room many homeowners create is a child’s room and a playroom. A Murphy bed will provide a cozy place for your child to sleep, but then will also allow the bedroom to double as a playroom during the day, freeing up floor space for activities.

    The benefits explored above are only some of the ones you’ll enjoy when installing a versatile Murphy bed. More Space Place offers free in-home design consultations to homeowners in the greater Dallas area. We’ll help you create the perfect custom solution for your home and lifestyle. Contact us here to learn more or schedule an appointment with an expert!

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