• Custom Home Offices for the Dallas Telecommuter

    Working remotely or running a business from your home is becoming more common for Dallas homeowners. In order for this to be as productive as possible, it is important to craft a space that will help you focus, as well as provide you with everything you need to do your job. Your local More Space Place in Dallas provides excellent advice and products for you to build the perfect custom home office. Whether it’s a nook in the living room or kitchen, or a whole room to yourself, we’ve got you covered and can customize a workspace just for you.
    Dallas home office for the telecommuter

    The Whole Room

    If you are converting an empty room into your home, don’t get cramped with standard desk units. Your Dallas home can have a custom unit that is spacious, beautiful, and makes the most of your spare room. When it comes to the specific requirements for your home office desk unit, think about what kind of materials you will be using and the best way to arrange everything. Ample surface space is most likely essential, as well as organized drawers and filing cabinets. If you’re dealing with important documentation, drawers that can be locked are a wise investment. In order to avoid clutter on your desk space, we can include wire diverters to consolidate the tangled mess from your electronics.

    Just The Desk

    If your home office operates with smaller real estate, we can custom design a desk to fit perfectly in any space of your home. Think tall with shelving over the desk that provides you with more storage and organization possibilities. Our experts at More Space Place can build you an elegant unit that provides the space you need without overwhelming the room. In small rooms or corners, consider light and neutral colors with pops of color from your decorations.

    Once the business side is taken care of, consider having decorative space in your unit. If this is going to be your primary office, you’ll want to brighten it up and make it a nice place to be five days a week. We can also design a unit compatible with standing desk technology to promote healthy workplace habits. Choosing custom-made units will allow you to be sure you’re getting the best quality workspace in your home. If you’re ready to start this project, contact us today! No space is too small or awkwardly shaped. Whether it’s the full room or a nook in the living room, More Space Place Dallas can build a custom home office just for you.

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