• Can A Custom Closet Change Your Life?

    custom closets dallasThe perks of getting a custom closet are clear: they bring organization, style, and customization to any space. A custom closet can often do even more than lend you these benefits. In some cases, it can change your life for the better! Here at More Space Place Dallas, we want your custom closet to do just that. With the help of our design team, you may find your new closets having some of the following effects on your life.

    You’ll Be on Time

    We’ve all had those times where we just can’t find something – a shirt, a tie, a purse, or the right earrings – and the search ends up making us late. Fortunately, a set of custom closets can help you organize any space in your home, allowing you the convenience of finding everything with ease. Never again will you miss the bus or arrive late to an event because you can’t find something.

    You’ll Become a Design Fanatic

    The freedom of customizing your own closets might just go to your head. Getting to design them and enjoy the finished result could inspire you to design more spaces in your home. New furniture in the bedroom or a new workspace in the garage could be just the ticket. No matter your interior interests, our team at More Space Place Dallas can help you with a number of your new ideas, ranging from Murphy beds to custom shelving solutions.

    You’ll Host Events

    Maybe you’ll host book club meetings or cocktail parties at your home, or invite your friends over for dinner more often. Either way, a set of custom closets allows you to free up space in your home for more activities. They also enhance your interiors, allowing you to add the perfect touch to your sophisticated, modern, or country-style home. With all of your items stored neatly in your custom closet, and with your home looking fresh and stylish, there’s no doubt you’ll want to show off your new space!

    Call Your Local Custom Closet Experts Today

    If these changes are something you can get on board with, then contact us at More Space Place Dallas today to schedule a free in-home estimate and design consultation. You won’t know what a custom closet can bring to your life until you try one!


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