• 4 Ways a Custom Closet Will Make Your Life Better

    Think you can’t afford a custom closet? Think again. Not only are custom closets more affordable than you might think, but they’re also an investment in your quality of life. Wondering how a custom closet can improve your life? Read on for a roundup of four ways they can make your life better.

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    1. You’ll look and feel better.

    If you’ve ever spent time looking for your favorite wardrobe piece only to come up empty-handed, you’re already aware of the impact this can have on your confidence and self-esteem.  Not only that, but a growing body of evidence points to a direct link between stress and clutter. By designating a space and place for everything, custom closets cut back on unnecessary clutter, thereby improving both your physical and mental health.

    2. You’ll save time.

    Americans collectively spend more than nine million hours a day looking for misplaced things. For women, meanwhile, deciding what to wear each day can be particularly time-consuming – especially when an unorganized closet factors into the mix. In fact, the average woman spends a staggering 287 days a year over the course of her lifetime trying to decide what to wear! An orderly closet will save you time by simplifying this task.

    3. You’ll free up space in your home.

    Square footage is a commodity in contemporary living spaces. Imagine optimizing your living space simply by getting organized and incorporating more smart storage. This is exactly what you can look forward to with customized closet solutions.

    4. Your home resale prospects will skyrocket.

    A survey conducted by a leading furniture retailer reveals that ample storage place is the top priority for today’s house hunters. And want to know what’s even more eye-opening? One out of four homebuyers would reject a potential home because of a lack of storage space. At the same time, homebuyers are also looking for homes requiring little to no cosmetic work. In other words, custom closets yield both short- and long-term payoffs for savvy homeowners with an eye on future resale value.

    So, what’s the takeaway for people wondering whether custom closets are worth it? While they may initially seem like an extravagance, the reality is that custom closets can play a major role in helping you minimize stress and maximize satisfaction in your everyday life.

    Getting Started

    Contact your local closet professionals at More Space Place! Proudly serving the greater Dallas and Plano areas, we offer a number of different style options to fit your lifestyle. Learn more about investing in a More Space Place closet system.



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