• Designing a Boutique Style Closet

    A closet is your personal space within a home, and though guests won’t see it, you’ll see it every day. An inviting, organized closet is a joy to use, and it keeps everything easy to grab and go on those busy mornings. Today’s custom closets are designed like chic boutiques, attractive, elegant and perfect for displaying your lovely items. Here are some features that will turn your closet into a custom boutique you’ll want to spend time in. 

    Boutique Custom Closet Dallas

    The Center Island

    What could be more boutique than a pretty, center island that’s perfect for displaying items? Our custom closet islands have plenty of storage built into them for jewelry, linens and other items that aren’t hung on rods. An island can be customized in a variety of ways, from the size of the drawers and cabinets to the type of countertop it features. The countertop is the perfect place to lay out your clothing for the next day or keep things organized as you’re folding. They always make your mornings a little more elegant.

    Glass Inserts

    Sometimes, you want everything stored away, but you don’t want it out of sight. With glass inserts on cabinets and open storage areas, everything inside them is kept organized and still visible. These are great places to display accessories like handbags or shoes. These also make great storage space to store folded sweaters and other winter wear when they’re off-season.

    Pull-down Racks

    If you have a lot of hanging clothes, there may not be the horizontal space that you need for enough rods. However, you can use vertical closet space by using a rack that pulls down. This rod can be pulled down and then put away again so that you have the extra hanging space without it making the closet look and feel too cramped. This is a great arrangement when one of you has more hanging clothing than the other.

    Color Coordination

    Today’s elegant closets use color to its best advantage. Instead of everything being painted white, a coordinated palette of colors can make the room feel more like that chic boutique and less like a sterile space. Pastels, neutrals, etc., can be used to coordinate the shelving, center island, walls and even the hardware. Think of how soothing a closet would be if it used a warm family of grays to coordinate the look without being too monochrome.

    Custom Clothing Storage

    You and your partner likely have different clothing-storage needs. In a custom closet, there can be room for just what both of you need. One of you may need more hanging rods while the other may want more drawers. When your closet is designed, it takes into account just what both of you need so that there is no wasted space. Taking the time to design just the right configuration will make the most of all of the space so that neither of you have your items cramped into too-tight spaces. 

    If you’re ready for a custom closet, contact us to get started with your new closet design. At More Space Place Dallas, we design personalized spaces for you to enjoy every day. Get started with an in-home consultation and talk to us about the features you want for your custom closet!

    Photo from our sister company, Closet & Storage Concepts.

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