• Clutter-free Media Storage

    There’s nothing like gathering together for a weekend movie night at home. Coming together with friends and family, snacks in hand, you’re ready to be entertained. What you’re not ready for, is the chaos of distracting cords pouring out of your media center. We’ve all fallen prey to it at one moment or another. With cable boxes, TV cords, speakers, and more, there’s a lot going on, and managing the mess can be quite the undertaking. This is why we’ve gathered a few creative ideas to help you tackle this common storage challenge.

    custom media center from More Space Place Dallas

    Design with Purpose

    When it comes to creating clutter-free storage, a solid foundation is key. If you’re starting fresh with a new custom build, let your designer know about your wishes. This may include back-end cutouts for cord threading, extra drawers, or additional cabinets. All of these will provide you with clean and aesthetic storage solutions. In the very beginning, it’s about creating opportunities to hide cords and bulky boxes so you can save yourself from future troubles.

    Hang Your Power Strip

    This technique is especially effective if you have a wall-mounted TV. When you use a power strip, you can keep several cords in one, central area and minimize the number of dangling distractions. Plug in your surrounding cords, neatly bundle them together and mount them to the wall behind your TV. This keeps them organized and out of sight. However, most media systems are a bit more complicated than a few TV cords, so this next step will address an additional issue. 

    Use an Infrared Receiver

    Another item that can feel bulky and distracting, is your cable box. Most boxes require an unobstructed path to work with the remote, but with the use of an infrared receiver, you can tuck your cable box inside a cabinet or cupboard and still maintain a connection with your remote. From there, the cord can be kept hidden inside, plugged in through a cutout in the back. This leaves shelves and other tabletop spaces more open, so you can focus on what’s truly important.

    More Space Place is ready to help you prioritize storage solutions with a custom media center. Explore the possibilities at More Space Place Dallas today.

    Photo by Keith Muratori

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