• Murphy Beds For The Fall

    With the weather finally getting colder and the sun setting earlier, now more than ever it’s important to get a good night’s sleep. Have you ever stayed at a friend’s or family’s home and had to sleep on an uncomfortable couch or air mattress? Did you feel well-rested and ready to hang out with your loved ones? Likely, not. With Murphy beds, guests sleeping uncomfortably is a thing of the past! A Murphy bed is a bed that folds flatly out of a system against the wall, allowing you to store it when it’s not in use. This fall and holiday season, with our custom Murphy bed storage solutions, you can have all your guests relaxed and ready to partake in festivities. Keep reading to learn more about what products we have to offer. 

    What is a Murphy bed?

    If you’re new to Murphy beds, you might be asking yourself: “What is a Murphy bed?” or “What makes a Murphy bed different from a regular bed?”. A Murphy bed is a bed that folds flatly out of a system against the wall, allowing you to store it when it’s not in use. This clever invention is excellent for turning an office into a guest room, a playroom into a kids’ bedroom, and more! A Murphy bed features a regular mattress and can come in many different sizes such as Twin, Twin Long, Full, or Queen size. Instead of rolling around on a skinny couch or deflated air mattress, you (or your guests) can sleep comfortably night after night. 

    What is the best Murphy bed for me? 

    The best part about our Murphy beds is that they are fully customizable. Whether you’re looking for a Twin or Queen bed with cabinets or without, our expert designers are happy to suggest the best solutions for you. Check out some more information on our two most popular beds below. 

    The Metropolitan: 

    One of our most popular Murphy beds is The Metropolitan. This is a panel bed that has the sleek look of bi-fold doors but folds directly down the middle to become mattress support. Side cabinetry is optional with this bed. 

    white metropolitan bed open

    The Manhattan:

    If you’re looking for a more modern look, check out The Manhattan. This is another panel bed that features built-in drop-down nightstands. Now your guests can relax in style with a cup of tea and a good book at their fingertips!

    manhattan bed with cabinets

    Get in touch:

    Murphy and panel beds are known for their space-saving storage, affordability, and durability. They’re perfect for homeowners who want a little more room or those who embrace a minimalist lifestyle and like a clean, uncluttered look. With a custom Murphy bed, you can get more bedroom storage without having to add a whole new room. This holiday season, let your guests sleep comfortably. 

    To learn more about our Murphy beds, contact More Space Place Dallas today, and schedule a free consultation!

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