The Dreamsaver Murphy Bed

The Dreamsaver is the perfect combination of stylish and affordable. It is no surprise how popular this Murphy bed option is. Let’s dive into this bed’s specifications to inspire your next home project.

What is a Murphy bed?

Murphy beds are distinct from wall beds in their lifting mechanism and base. Wall beds, also known as panel beds, use the door panel as the bed’s support when extended. Murphy beds have opening doors that reveal the mattress and its spring lifting mechanism. It’s an easy-to-use and stylish option.

Dreamsaver Specs:

Doors: Smooth bi-fold doors swiftly open to reveal the bed mechanism. The doors hinge and overlap to the side to save horizontal space. When opened, they rest neatly in front of the side cabinets to make the bed the centerpiece of the room and make your guests feel at home.

Cabinet space: Functional cabinet space is the highlight of this Murphy bed. Quickly turn any area into a space-savvy guest room. Two side cabinets with spacious shelves are built into the sides. Decorate them with your favorite accessories.

Bed size: This bed is called a Dreamsaver for a reason! Get this Murphy bed in twin, full, and queen. It even comes complete with a comfy 7-inch mattress. You will have the coziest sleep regardless of room size!

Special features:

Lighting choice: Ad some shine with built-in LED light. Build the ambiance with your choice of light tone.

Finish: Choose from our variety of furniture finishes from solid colors to natural wood. The right color will reflect light beautifully for a warm shine that matches your decor.

Get Your Dreamsaver Today!

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