The Jefferson Library Bed

A bed that is sturdy, elegant, and nothing less than presidential is the Jefferson Library bed. It is no surprise how popular this Murphy bed option is. Let’s dive into this bed’s specifications to inspire your next home project.

What is a Murphy bed?

Murphy beds are distinct from wall beds in their lifting mechanism and base. Wall beds, also known as a panel bed use the door panel as the bed’s support when extended. Murphy beds have opening doors that reveal the mattress and its spring lifting mechanism. It’s an easy-to-use and stylish option.


Closed Jefferson library bed


Doors: Elegantly reveal the bed mechanism with sliding track doors that don’t take up any extra room. The doors themselves come with built-in shelves to complete the bookshelf look.

Cabinet pace: This library bed features ample storage space for a book collection –as the name suggests. 30″ side cabinets are included in this option. The choice is truly yours. Stock the shelves with collectibles, pictures, or anything you can imagine!

Center shelf: Our Jefferson bed design creates a focal point at the center with a shelf that connects the two doors. They serve as accessible nightstands on both sides of the mattress when open.

Bed size: Get this Murphy bed in full and queen with options for an 8 or 12-inch mattress. 


Special features:

Lighting choice: Ad some shine with built-in LED light. Build the ambiance with your choice of light tone. 

Open Jefferson library bed

Finish: A natural wood finish perfectly complements this bed. It reflects light beautifully for a warm shine.


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