Desk Bed

The Hidden Bed® desk bed is in a category on its own. It combines desktop and bed into one compact and attractive piece of furniture. It’s the perfect space-saving solution for students who want to maximize the efficiency of their bedrooms. If you have a small bedroom or want to make the most out of a guest room, we believe this is a great alternative to bulky bed frames and standalone desks.

With our smooth, easy-to-use spring loaded mechanism, pulling the bed down at night and storing it away in the morning is as simple as can be. Not only will this make bedrooms more spacious, but it helps users stay on stop of keeping their desk and bed tidy. If you are interested in a desk bed for your child, it is the perfect way to teach responsibility for making their bed and cleaning up clutter every day.

There’s often a misconception about the quality of the mattress in a Murphy or panel bed. However, we are happy to assure you that with a custom designed unit from More Space Place, you don’t have to worry about that! More Space Place uses mattresses specifically designed for these unique storage conditions, which maintains the comfort and support you need. You will sleep soundly each night in your desk bed and wake every morning to a spacious room!

Just like all More Space Place furniture, the desk bed is best quality and highly customizable. Whether you need more drawers to store clothes, hooks to hang backpacks and bags, or shelf space for books, we can build the perfect unit for you. We now also offer bunk beds units, too!

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Contact us to learn more about The Hidden Bed® desk bed. We offer complementary in-home consultations to find the best design and talk about the unique, custom features you would like to include. From a pop of color to shelves displaying your prized possessions, your desk bed will be a statement of your personality. Call us today!