• When Guests Go Home

    alarm clockWe have guest bedrooms on the brain here at More Space Place.  It is November, which means the holidays are fast approaching. Guests are coming. We can help you prepare with custom designed Murphy beds and panel beds.

    But what does the guest bedroom become when guests go home?

    We can design a multi-functional space that is both comfortable for your holidays guests and functional through the rest of the year.  Here are five ways to keep your guest bedroom functional, even when guests go home:

    Home Office – These days, who doesn’t take work home sometimes? Consider creating a comfortable work space at home, complete with wall bed when guests arrive. Office supplies remain well-organized on custom shelving and cabinetry. Implement slide-aside shelving or even a swing out desk to save space. We can make working at home feel less like work in a custom-designed home office.

    Craft Room – Fold away a Murphy bed to make room for creativity. Craft supplies, sewing machines, fabric, ribbons, wrapping paper all have a place in your custom craft room. Create an island work surface with drawers, cabinets or shelving underneath. We maximize space. How inspiring!

    Play Room – How fun would it be to have a little extra space for the kids to spread out and play? When guests arrive, tuck toys away in creative storage shelving and cabinets, and unfold a Murphy bed.

    Exercise Room – Create storage for exercise equipment. Create space by folding away a custom-designed wall bed. No excuses left for not getting in shape!

    Creative Storage – We can design all sorts of hidden and open storage using an almost endless selection of finishes and hardware. Tuck your less frequently used items away in an organized storage area, and your guests will still have plenty of space when they visit.

    Contact us today to talk through a custom design for your multi-functional guest room.

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