• Our installers are the best.

    5reasonsWe often meet customers who want to build their own Murphy bed. Usually, they are in search of the Murphy bed mechanism and plans. “Can I install a wall bed myself?” they ask.  DIY is popular on sites like Pinterest (which we love!), and is a great way to save money.  We aim to please, and we certainly want to keep our customers happy.  The answer is that we highly recommend our customers allow our experienced installers to build our wall beds.

    Five reasons custom installation is better than DIY when it comes to wall beds

    1. Murphy beds, panel beds, or a custom closet design can raise the value of your home. Let us create a design that will certainly raise your home’s value, and get it installed properly so that it looks appealing and professionally installed both while you’re living and enjoying it, and when you sell it.
    2. Having one of our custom designs installed properly the first time reduces wear and tear. Our professional installers will make your custom Murphy bed, custom closet, home office, or custom pantry lasts.
    3. Once we install it, we’re happy to help uninstall and reinstall our wall beds, should a customer needs to relocate. Let us do it right the first time so that we can reinstall it perfectly the second time.
    4. Put simply: it’s safer. Our installers know how to build your custom design in a way that will swing open, ease closed, and remain anchored safely and comfortably.
    5. We know what we’re doing! Our professional installers have been trained on our particular designs, and are the best people to do the job.

    Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation to get more information about Murphy bed and panel bed designs, custom closets, pantry, laundry, garage, and other organizational solutions, as well as professional installation.


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