• How to Design a Home Office

    With people working remotely more than ever, the home office has become a necessary staple in modern home design. It’s hard to maximize productivity at your kitchen table everyday if you know you have to clean up and reorganize every time you’re ready to work. Setting up a good home office will offer a more productive, creative, and personalized space for you to get your work done.

    More Space Place is proud to provide the functional and practical design options for the ideal home office. Here are some of the most effective considerations to make when designing your space.


    Home Office Design More Space PlaceLow Maintenance

    While you want your home office to be stylish, this is not necessarily the place for marble tabletops and easily scratched furniture. Stick with traditional yet elegant staples like natural wood or sleek black finishes. You’ll want a timeless look so you won’t have to worry about redesign in a few years. Keep in mind that this office has a cleaning crew of one – you. Choose styles and layouts that are easy to keep tidy and clean every week.


    Location and Flow

    Your home office should be accessible yet private. You don’t want to feel closed off from the rest of your home, but you also don’t want to be sharing space with the living room where the distraction of the TV might come into play. Be generous with space so that you don’t just end up imitating the windowless, tight corporate office cubicle you have worked so hard to avoid. Within this space, set up your furniture to coincide with the foot traffic that you expect in the room. Imagine your day-to-day work, and plan a space that complements your behaviors.


    Painting the Walls

    Since you will be the only employee in this office for one, you have the freedom to choose a more exciting color than lackluster beige. We suggest avoiding over-stimulating colors like lime green or orange, but a deep, bold accent wall could transform your space. Colors affect your mood more than you may realize, so you do some research before deciding. Paint sizable swatches of different hues to get a feel for the color that inspires you the most.
    Home Office Design More Space Place

    Your Office View

    Many of us are familiar with the mid-day blues of being stuck in an office. Luckily, your home office will offer more freedom to position yourself in a space that allows for more relaxation and comfort. If you can, set your desk next to a window that lets in natural light and a breeze. This will help you stay connected to the outdoors and feel less constricted. If you can’t have a home office with a window, find a piece of artwork to put above your desk that you’ll love to look at when you take a break from your screen.


    Here at More Space Place, we can build you the perfect home office that incorporates the necessary features for you to have the most productive day possible. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation where we can help measure and envision where your office could go in your Dallas home. You deserve the office of your dreams. Call today!


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