• Maximizing Your Spare Room

    Having a spare room is only good if you use it efficiently. Fortunately, the experts at More Space Place can help you maximize your space by installing a custom desk unit or Murphy bed that fits in with your needs and lifestyle. Here are a few options to consider to improve your enjoyment of your entire home.


    Home OfficeMaximize Productivity

    Tired of having your work spread out over the kitchen table? You could benefit from a home office. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need an incredible amount of space or money to get the kind of home office you really need. Our custom designs can fit the layout of your home and maximize the surface and storage space for your work. Talk to us about the features you value most whether it’s ample file organization, desk space, or shelving. Depending on the size of your space, we can even build sleek, conjoined cabinetry to add your storage opportunities as well as match your existing furniture.


    Maximize Comfort

    Many homeowners choose to convert spare rooms into bedrooms for guests. However, most people only have guests staying in the room a few times a year. This makes it impossible to maximize the space for other purposes whenever it’s empty. It’s time to get rid of the bulky bed frame and upgrade to a a Murphy bed! Murphy beds pull down from the wall, transforming a spare room into a comfortable, stylish, and practical guest room in just minutes. We install Murphy bed units with specialized Serta mattresses designed to withstand upright storage, so your guests will always have a restful night of sleep when they need it, and you will still have the space for your own needs or hobbies when the bed is put away.

    Murphy bed Home Office

    Maximize Functionality  

    If you currently use all of your rooms and don’t think you have the space for an office of guest room, it’s time to think outside the box.¬† Multipurpose rooms are a popular way to incorporate all the features you need in your house, without limiting the amount of space for everyday use. With our various Murphy bed designs, you have the ability to effortlessly transform a living room, home office, or single bedroom into a guest room. For example, our Jefferson Library Bed can give you the study or living room you need year-round, as well as the cozy sleeping space for guests. Lastly, our personalized desk design can build the space for you to organize your work and make your home more productive.


    Effective use of all the room in your house is the key to a happier life. Change up your space today with a home office, Murphy bed, or both from the experts at More Space Place Dallas. Call us today!

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