• Bring Order To Your Laundry Routine

    laundry organization tipsDo you dread doing laundry? Have you ever felt frustrated with how long it takes or struggled to maintain a routine? If so, you’re not alone! Whether you’re managing laundry for just yourself or for your whole family, it’s easy to have the clothes pile up. More Space Place Dallas is here to help with some tips on how to make laundry time easier and more manageable.

    Prep Your Clothes Before They Go In The Hamper

    Simplify your prewash routine by preparing your items individually right after you take them off. Empty pockets, unroll cuffs, straighten socks, turn items inside out, unbutton buttons, and fasten Velcro. For delicate items, place them inside a mesh bag, then place the mesh bag in the hamper. This way nothing goes in the basket unprepared.

    Further simplify your routine by using separate hampers for each distinct load of laundry. How many hampers you want to have depends on personal preference. The general groups of laundry are lights, darks, delicates, and towels. Consider organizing these into separate baskets so when it’s time to wash the laundry, you can easily load your items in the washing machine.

    Schedule Your Laundry Days

    For large families, doing laundry all in one day can be very time consuming. Try scheduling out your loads of laundry into more feasible chunks. For instance, you can schedule one load per day or every other day. Doing laundry in smaller sessions makes it less intimidating and prevents procrastination. Get the kids involved and make them in charge of their individual load. This will take one task off your plate and give them some responsibility around the house.

    Customize Your Closet and Laundry Room

    tilt-out hamper

    Part of the stress of doing laundry can be finding space for all your supplies including detergents, stain removal treatments, bleach, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. Oftentimes these items are stowed away simply where you have the space, rather than being stored in an ergonomic format. Instead, customize your laundry room with wall cabinets designed specifically around your routine. Add pullout shelves for easy access or baskets for quick storage.

    Further simplify your laundry routine with a custom closet. Use pullout or tilt-out hampers to keep dirty laundry hidden, while also keeping it readily accessible with easy-to-remove laundry baskets. Place clean clothes on hangers and skip the task of folding. Two-tiered closet rods allow twice the storage, while single tiered rods may be used for longer items such as dresses or business attire. For dry cleaned items, use a valet rod for easy access, or stow them away with a wardrobe lift. And lastly, add a sliding or pull-down ironing board, so clothes may be ironed and put away with ease.

    For more help on simplifying your laundry routine, call More Space Place Dallas. Our smart storage solutions make collecting dirty clothes and returning clean ones two simple tasks. Schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation or visit us in our Carrollton showroom.

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