• Designing a Custom Closet for a More Organized New Year

    Is one of your resolutions for the New Year to get more organized? If so, the closet is likely the first place you want to start. After all, you just might get a head start on your spring cleaning and knock out this resolution early on if you call the expert custom closet builders at More Space Place. Here’s how we can help.


    Custom Closet Design DallasShelving, Shelving and More Shelving

    One of the best ways to maximize closet organization is to take advantage of every square inch available, which means shelving galore is in order. Custom cabinet designs let you decide how big, how tall and how wide you want each space to be. You might also want to consider a versatile shelving system that allows for dividers to be added to separate certain styles, materials or seasonal items.


    Drawers for Organization

    Let’s face it—we love putting things in drawers, particularly socks, unmentionables, and other small wardrobe items that just don’t seem to have a better way to keep out of sight and mind until we need them. Drawers are multifunctional however, and can be used to tuck away anything that needs a ‘home.’ Custom closets allow you to choose how many drawers you want and like shelves, they can also feature handy dividers to keep all those smaller or more causal items separate and organized.


    Custom Additions of Convenience

    It doesn’t just stop at the clothes! We can add all kinds of handy racks for ties, belts, and jewelry into your new wardrobe space, too. Want a retractable mirror or a few hampers for laundry or small baskets for accessories? No worries! We know that we have got what it takes to get you all the space you need and give you the closet of your dreams within your budget.


    Don’t wait until you lose the urge to meet those New Year’s resolutions to give us a call for an in-home consultation. Contact the friendly and experienced staff at More Space Place Dallas today for more assistance or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you meet your goals, resolutions, and design dreams!


    Photo Credit: © Katarzyna Bialasiewicz


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