• Transform Your Child’s Bedroom with a Murphy Bed

    Are you looking for a new way to make your child’s bedroom more organized? A Murphy bed might be the perfect solution! Take a look at some of the biggest benefits of a Murphy bed from More Space Place Dallas.


    Children's Murphy BedsMore Floor Space

    A flexible floor plan is a luxury if you have small children running around the house and this is one of the biggest advantages of using a Murphy bed over other bulky furniture styles. As soon as the bed is stored away in the morning, you open up space for activities such as reading, play dates, and every adventure their wild imagination comes up with. You can also create more ambiance in the room with a colorful or patterned area rug.


    Teaches Responsibility

    You have the opportunity to teach your children about responsibility when you use a Murphy bed. Our easy-to-use designs will make it possible for them to take over the job of getting their rooms tidy in the morning and ready for bed at night. It also leaves less room for your children to hide toys under the bed, resulting in a much cleaner room!


    Kids Murphy Bed More Space PalceAdds Personality

    Since Murphy beds aren’t the most commonly used furniture style, they offer a unique charm that your child can be proud of. They won’t be able to bring it to show-and-tell, but they will definitely want to show it to friends who come to visit! Furthermore, our custom units allow you to personalize the layout and color of the Murphy bed and encourage your child to be involved in the design.


    Matches Furniture

    The biggest benefit of a Murphy bed from More Space Place is that you get so much more than just a bed for your child. We can add built-in storage to match the style of the bed for a sleek and organized look in their room. From shelving to bookcases to desks, we can help you maximize the space in their room with our customized designs.


    It’s time to transform your child’s bedroom into a more efficient, organized, stylish, and spacious place. Get started with a free design consultation and estimate from the experts here at More Space Place Dallas. Contact us today!

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