• 8 Storage Accessories to Incorporate in Your Custom Closet

    shoe cubbies in Dallas custom closetPerhaps you’re considering a custom closet for your home, but you don’t know where to begin. At More Space Place Dallas, our designers can start a rendering of your unit simply from the room’s dimensions. However, we understand that many customers prefer to brainstorm concepts before they even meet with us. If you’re unfamiliar with our products, then read on to learn about eight common accessories that we can incorporate in your new closet space.

    Shoe Storage

    Keep shoes off the floor with custom shoe shelving. Further protect them from dust by adding cabinet doors, and keep them visible with custom lighting and glass inserts. Or, for simpler storage, opt for cubbies where every pair has a spot.


    Pull-out or tilt-out hampers provide convenient laundry storage. Each version has removable baskets, so you can easily carry your clothes to the laundry room. Choose from either option depending on your personal preference.

    wardrobe lift in Dallas custom closetWardrobe Lift

    A wardrobe lift takes advantage of high ceilings to store items up and away, while still keeping them readily accessible. Use it to hang jackets and other items you wear occasionally.

    Ironing Board With Valet Rod

    Make it easier to iron clothes and store dry cleaning. Add a fold-down or swing-out ironing board to your custom closet. Incorporate a valet rod where items can be hung as you iron. You can also use the valet rod to store items that need to be dry-cleaned.

    Belt Rack, Tie Rack, and Jewelry Drawers

    jewelry drawers in Dallas custom closet

    Organize your accessories with belt racks, tie racks, and jewelry drawers. These storage products keep your items untangled and easy to view. It’s also easier to put your accessories away, which can prevent misplacement.

    Get Started Today

    At More Space Place Dallas, we are passionate about creating storage solutions that go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. And whether you’re an expert organizer, or you don’t have a clue where to start, our designers can help you create a stunning custom closet for your home. Call today to schedule your complimentary, in-home consultation or visit our Carrollton showroom.

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