• Three Closet Aesthetics To Consider

    The average family spends more time looking at their closets than they might expect. What do you want to see when you walk into yours? These design options for different types of closets might just be the energizing, relaxing or modern feel you’ve been hoping for. Here at More Space Place, we can customize closet space to perfectly match your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget. Let’s take a look!


    Custom Kids Closet More Space Place Dallas The Cheerful Reach-In

    A reach-in closet is common for a child’s bedroom, but it can still offer all the storage kids need in a fabulously pleasing layout. The organization of the closet features could be structured in such a way that it can grow with the child from infancy to college. Cabinets in a white or neutral color allow other tones to pop out of the woodwork, as it were. Colorful bins with clear labels make it easy for kids to put items away. Kids may want to display their favorite toys on adjustable shelving that could be switched around with only a bit of effort as their wardrobes and tastes evolve. The effect is an organized space that reflects your children’s personal style from the very beginning.


    The Stately Walk-In

    Although white cabinetry is certainly the current style of the day, there is something to be said about dark woods and wood stains for a custom closet. Some people prefer to have a subdued tone of elegance for their closet design, and the darker hues help them achieve it. Giving color to the wood also allows for a hint of style and personality without overwhelming everything in the space. Colors could range from a warm mahogany to a rich walnut or even espresso. Drawer pulls in a matte finish complete the look, to comfort you in the morning and soothe you at night.


    Custom Boutique Closet Dallas More Space PlaceThe Boutique Closet Retreat

    For many people, a closet is so much more than simply a storage space for clothes and accessories. Some people are willing to devote even a whole room of space in their homes for the perfect closet. A boutique closet could be just the chic retreat you need to prepare yourself for the world when you wake, and then erase your cares at the day’s end. Boutique closets offer all the options you could possibly imagine, including:

    • visible storage to show off your shoes
    • drawers for all your small items, from scarves to jewelry
    • countertops for simple folding and organization
    • seating to make dressing and undressing a snap
    • Creative use of custom cabinetry could allow you to make your closet mimic a trendy shop you like to visit.


    Building the best closet for you depends on the emotions you want to evoke whenever you see it. By trying one of these amazing closet designs, you can create the right mood for the space and ensure that you are highly organized at all times. Get started and build the custom closet of your dreams with the team at More Space Place Dallas. We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates. Call us today!

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