• 3 Ways to Organize Books in Your Custom Shelves

    Book organization custom shelves More Space Place Dallas

    Properly organizing your books can help you to quickly find what you’re looking for, keep you from buying duplicates, and even act as a decorative element in your room. Come discover three ways to organize your books and then give More Space Place Dallas a call to learn how our custom shelving can provide the perfect solution to all of your organizational needs!


    A fun way to organize your books is to sort them out by color and then by size. While this isn’t the most practical way to organize your reading material, it does create a visually pleasing aesthetic and can make your bookshelves a talking piece. With custom shelving, you can even select a color and style that will complement the look of your books. If you choose to sort your books this way, consider organizing the colors warm to cold. Begin with reds, oranges, and yellows, and work your way through to greens, blues, and purples. Basically, just follow the rainbow!


    If you are someone who likes to read an entire author’s cannon, then organizing your books alphabetically by author can be a useful way to keep them in order. Looking for Fitzgerald, Dickens, Hemingway? With this system, those novels will be easy to find and easy to put back in their proper place.


    Organizing your books alphabetically by their title creates a system that is extremely easy to maintain. Every time you go to replace a book, simply locate where the title fits in amongst the rest of your collection. Be sure to decide at the outset how you plan to categorize books that start with “The” or contain numbers in the title. Establishing rules early on will make adding books to your collection fun and easy to do.

    Deciding on the perfect organizational system for your books is easier when you’ve got beautiful custom shelves to house your reading collection. Whether you’re looking for a Murphy bed with some shelf space, or are interested in creating a custom home office, we’ve got a solution for you! Give More Space Place Dallas a call to arrange a free, in-home design consultation, and discover how custom shelving can revolutionize your space and provide the perfect home for all of your books!

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