• Boutique Closets in Dallas

    Whether you’re looking for efficiency or beauty, the team here at More Space Place of Dallas can help you achieve it with highly customized closets! A meeting of both efficiency and beauty is the boutique closet: a perfect space for organizing, planning, and experimenting with fashion in the home! Let’s cover some creative ideas that can turn your Dallas closet space into a fashionista’s sanctuary.

    Dallas boutique closet


    Decorative molding is one aspect of your boutique closet that deserves some careful consideration. Subtle designer touches over the surfaces and edges of your closet cabinetry can produce surprising amounts of character. From the regal-sounding and elegant crown molding to the ornate carvings of Victorian molding to simple modern finishes, there is a huge range of styles to choose from.


    On the efficiency side of things, an easy solution to small-item storage is the divider drawer, or sliding cellaret. These storage units are perfect for diverse collections of colorful clothing items like neckties or socks. Survey your options for the day and focus your energy on choosing the right accessories, rather than sifting through them!

    Laundry Cabinet

    This one is particularly creative. Laundry baskets work well enough, but they are not exactly pleasing to the eye! Keep that dirty laundry out of sight and easily tucked away into a convenient cabinet laundry door within your boutique closet. The moment you are finished with an article of clothing for the day, away it goes, leaving clean, empty bedroom space.

    Shining Aesthetics

    Make your space more luxurious with gold and silver accents. These shining, precious-metal colors are perfect for the drawer knobs and handles of your closet cabinets. Due to their shine, they are best paired with darker cabinet tones for a pleasing visual contrast. Elegantly colored storage systems can lend a clean, refined feeling to your morning dress routine.

    Dallas boutique closet

    Walk-In Features

    For walk-in boutique closets, a nearby comfortable chair can really accentuate the private dressing room feeling. For maximum effect, a dressing mannequin adds a dramatic presence and fashionable character to your personal boutique. These items are particularly suited to guest viewership, should you wish to model for others in your boutique closet.

    In Need of More Space?

    More Space Place Dallas is excited to help plan for your boutique closet or any other storage solutions to make home life convenient and spacious. Give us a call and schedule a complimentary design consultation. Let us design with your Dallas home’s needs in mind.



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