• How To Design A Productive Home Office

    Whether you work from home part of the time, all of the time, or just want a quiet place to retreat to when you need to be productive, a home office can be an ideal addition to your home. But a good, productive home office is a lot more than just a desk, a chair, and a computer. The entire room design must be taken into consideration in order to create the best environment for you. Here’s a look at some tips from More Space Place Dallas for creating an office that’s as productive as it is comfortable.

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    Start With Flooring

    We suggest designing your office from the ground up, and this all starts with flooring. There are a wide variety of flooring options you can choose for your home office, from carpeting to hardwood floors. Carpeting can be an attractive office flooring choice because it’s comfortable, lush, and also helps act as a sound insulator from other rooms and areas of the house. However, hardwood is often a popular choice as well due to the warm, relaxing, and mature look it can provide.

    Have the Right Furniture

    It’s important to have the right desk chair that’s comfortable and supports your back. When it comes to office furniture, ergonomics is just as important as functionality. Additionally, we suggest incorporating a small sofa or some other more comfortable piece of furniture into your office that you can retreat to when your eyes need a break from the computer screen.

    When you think of a home office, the centerpiece is likely a large, functional desk. Here at More Space Place Dallas, we specialize in customized furniture that meets your own lifestyle needs, habits, and personal tastes. Our custom desks can provide the ultimate destination to be productive every day. Whether you need ample drawers, shelving, or desktop space for computer monitors, we can build the perfect unit for you. Talk to us about all your options in a free in-home design consultation and price estimate.

    Go Green

    Plants are more than just office decor – they’re also proven to offer a variety of benefits to the home office environment. For instance, studies show that plants can help improve productivity, enhance concentration, reduce stress, boost immunity, and help clean the air within the room. Noting these benefits, it makes sense to add a floor or desk plant to the office space – just be sure to water it!

    Choose the Right Colors

    We talked about the flooring, furniture setup and the role that plants can play in an office. There’s one more important aspect of your home office that you shouldn’t overlook – colors. Studies show that the colors you surround yourself with can impact your mood and play a role in your productivity. If you want a naturally welcoming feel, consider wood furniture in light stains. However, if you thrive in minimalist modern spaces, monotones like white, black, and gray can elevate your space. When deciding which colors to implement, talk to a designer and make sure everything complements each other to avoid crowded-looking layouts.

    Claim Your Space

    Your office should be just that – your own, personal space to get work done and be productive. Talk to the team here at More Space Place Dallas to find the most efficient way to design a space you can feel proud of and excited to go to every day. Contact us to get started today or call the showroom at (214) 436-5433!

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