• How To Keep Your Child’s Bedroom Organized

    Between piles of forgotten toys and an unmade bed, it’s difficult to keep your child’s bedroom organized. However, at More Space Place Dallas we know an organized room is possible and we would love to help you create a space that’s easy for your child to tidy and maintain. Here are our top tips and tricks to help your child keep their room mess-free.

    A Place For Everythingorganized children's room more space place dallas

    Without a proper storage system, it’s easy for a mess to spread beyond control. First a pair of shoes are left on the middle of the rug. The next thing you know, your child has piles of discarded jackets and abandoned toys across the room. While a custom closet can’t completely change bad habits, it can be a tool for teaching your children to keep their things organized.

    At More Space Place Dallas, we can design and install a custom closet in your child’s bedroom. Our customization technique means that the closet will include everything you need it to. From racks to shelves to storage bins, your child’s closet can have it all. We’ll make a place for everything, so your child can keep everything in its place.

    Break Down Tasks

    The act of cleaning a messy room can feel stressful and even impossible for a child. Instead of seeing each individual thing which needs to be done, they see the clutter as one overwhelming task. With so much to do, it can feel easier to do nothing – especially when toys are re-discovered. You can make the cleaning process easier by creating a personal chore chart.

    organized bedroom more space place dallasCreate a Reward System

    If your child is off-put by the term “chore,” it’s doubly important to create a positive reward system. Teach them how to make cleaning up their room and organizing their closet fun. Turn on their favorite song while they clean. Make cleaning into a game. Use a gold star system, where they get a reward for a full week of cleaning their room every day. Be creative!

    Organized & Efficient

    It’s important to teach good habits early in life and the knowing how to keep a space organized is an important lesson. With a clear place for every item, a custom closet will make it easier for your child to keep their room clean. Give the experts at More Space Dallas a call today to learn more about our custom closet options.

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