• Tips for Storing Away Holiday Decorations

    Despite how quickly December came, it’s now nearly over as we welcome the New Year. For Dallas homeowners, this means it is time to take down the holiday decorations for the season. Whether you are sad or relieved that the holiday season is over, the chore of packing away the decorations still needs to be done! At More Space Place Dallas, we have a few tips for stress-free decoration organization.

    holiday organization

    Contain the Ornaments

    Holiday decorations seem especially chaotic with strands of tangled lights, delicate ornaments, and an entire tree in your home. The packing situation can go from calm to uncontrollable all too quickly! For ornaments, consider investing in storage containers made specifically with ornament-sized compartments. You can leave behind the tissue and not worry about any broken glass. Clear, resealable bags are also a great price friendly option that will make your decorating a bit easier the next year! 

    Wrap the Tree

    Rather than wrapping presents, shrink wrap your artificial tree and head to the garage! Overhead storage in your garage is the perfect place to fit the awkward length and bulkiness of a tree or other decorations. Plus, the additional step of wrapping your tree will make it much more compact and far easier to store. However, the trickier side of tree storage is the lights that were once on it.

    Lights can easily get tangled and turn into a huge headache for Dallas homeowners. Luckily, we have a pro tip! Neatly wrap the strands around square pieces of plastic or cardboard, and then nicely sort them in a storage drawer or container. Think of it as a filing system, but for colorful lights!

    Embrace the Organization

    Stress free packing is always a relief with the help of some simple organization. Since the New Year is right around the corner, consider organizing other potential storage areas around your home like your closet or pantry! Our design experts at More Space Place Dallas are here to help every step of the way. Give us a call today and schedule a free, in-home consultation!

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