• Murphy Bed Models We Love for Family Homes

    While the Murphy bed started out as a way to let bachelors entertain friends at get-togethers in even the tiniest of studio apartments in the 1880s, today it is one of the best ways to optimize space in any room of your family home.

    Looking to do just that? As the #1 Murphy bed retailer in America, More Space Place has got all the best models to choose from. Below, take a look at a few of the Murphy beds we especially love for family homes.

    The New Yorker Bed

    New Yorker Panel bed Murphy beds Dallas

    The New Yorker Panel Bed is our most popular Murphy Bed. Two side shelf units feature plenty of vertical space for storing books, photographs, knick knacks, and more. The bed itself can be folded down easily from the center of the unit. To extend space on the nightstands on either side of the bed, simply pull out each shelf. Everything folds up as easy as can be when you’re ready to have more space!

    The Cosmopolitan Bed

    Cosmopolitan Panel Bed More space place dallas

    Although it sounds more like something a bachelor might have in his city apartment, The Cosmopolitan Panel Bed is actually perfect for kids’ rooms where space is limited. This is largely because it’s a twin bed only. But it’s also because the bed folds down especially easy on this unit (it folds horizontally instead of vertically), making it great for kids to use. 

    The Jefferson Library Bed

    Jefferson Library Murphy bed Dallas

    Similar to the New Yorker Bed, the Jefferson Library Bed also features a fold-down bed in the center of the unit. The core difference is that the Jefferson Library Bed offers more storage shelves. It’s great as a living room or den book shelf; whenever you have company, the bed comes easily out of the wall, and the two central book shelf panels can be slid to the sides. Once company is gone, you can have your old room back again!

    The Desk Bed

    Murphy bed desk custom Dallas

    Ideal for families with children, the Desk Bed is both unique and super practical. When children have a small room, feel free to utilize this bed to maximize floor space and combine a bed and desk into one, pragmatic piece of furniture. 

    Which Murphy bed will best benefit you and your family? If you still have questions about picking a unit or would like to start planning the design and installation of your new Murphy bed, please contact More Space Place Dallas today! We will work with you to find the perfect space-saving solution for your home and family! Call today for a free in-home design consultation and estimate!

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