• Sports Equipment Storage Ideas

    If you have an athletic family, you know firsthand how quickly you collect equipment. From balls to rackets to boards, your garage can get cluttered in the blink of an eye. Today on the blog, the experts at More Space Place Dallas are going to share a few ideas for storing sports equipment in your garage.

    Peg Boards

    A great tool for organizing a variety of equipment is a pegboard or a slat board. You can use hooks to hang helmets and rackets, as well as mitts and sporting bags. Hang baskets to hold balls or small items. A pegboard keeps these items in a centralized place where they are easy to find and access.

    Custom Cabinets

    Cabinets are a huge help for storing large or awkward items. If you participate in sports with large equipment, you can customize the shelves to be able to fit items like hockey sticks or skis. You can also utilize them to free up space in the closet in your home, and hang uniforms or clothing gear in the garage.


    From basketballs to rollerblades, cubbies provide a lot of versatility in storing equipment. Designate a cubby for each sport and keep all of its associated gear and equipment in the same place. Use baskets to keep small items and balls in place.

    Keep It Organized

    Make your garage the sporting hub of your home and hang a whiteboard next to your gear. Use the whiteboard as a place to keep track of practices and games, or items that need replacement or repair. This will simplify keeping track of everything that’s going on and will get everyone on the same page when they come out to the garage to grab their gear.

    Get Started Today

    The love of sports brings people together. At More Space Place Dallas we are committed to helping you keep your home organized so you can enjoy them stress-free. If you’re ready to update your garage storage system, call us today for a free in-home consultation with one of our design experts or visit our local showroom in Carrollton!

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