• Three Tips For Keeping Your Closet Organized

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    A pristinely organized closet is appealing to all, but for most of us, is much easier to maintain in theory than in practice. Closet organization is not a natural skill for everyone, but that is why the experts at More Space Place Dallas are here to help. Here are three tips that we recommend to clients for maintaining closet organization.

    One In One Out

    If your closet is at full capacity, adding more items is a recipe for chaos. Instead, try implementing a one in one out rule. If you find something that you must have in your closet, go ahead and get it. But in exchange, you must choose an existing item in your closet to donate in its place. This way your closet isn’t overwhelmed with items and you can still refresh your wardrobe.

    Donation Bin

    A great trick for maintaining organization is to keep an empty bin on the closet floor. This will be your designated donation bin. Every time you pull an item out of your closet and it doesn’t fit well or is no longer your style, put it in the bin. At the end of every month take it to a consignment store or donate the items. By adopting the habit of separating items that no longer need to be in your closet immediately, it prevents you from putting off the task of de-cluttering and frees up space.

    Monthly Maintenance

    Once a month set aside an hour to do organization maintenance. Spend some time re-hanging items, neatly folding drawers that may have come apart, or putting clothes back in color order. This is also a good opportunity to clear out your donation bin. Set yourself a reminder and hold yourself accountable to this time. By performing a little maintenance each month it prevents your closet from getting out of control. Instead, organizing your closet is a small and manageable task.

    More Space Place Dallas Can Help

    If you’re ready to makeover your closet or need a new organization system, we are here to help. Contact our experts at More Space Place Dallas for a free in-home consultation or visit our showroom.  Our design consultants can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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