• Pantry Tips to Streamline Your Kitchen

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    When dinner time rolls around, do you spend more time searching for ingredients than you do actually preparing the meal? Streamline your pantry with a custom storage option, and get rid of that hassle! An organized pantry makes cooking easier, reduces food waste, frees up precious space in your kitchen, and makes life easier.

    You’ll always know what food items are on hand, where they are, and have a way to easily reach them. More Space Place Dallas can tailor your pantry to suit your style and needs. Here are some of our favorite kitchen pantry organization solutions you could add to the mix.

    Pantry Baskets

    Instead of having loads of loose seasoning packets, chip bags and vegetables strewn throughout your pantry, you can organize all similar items in baskets. Simply pull out and pick out what you need. Choose from brass, chrome or oil-rubbed bronze finishes to align with your kitchen décor.

    Pullout Shelving

    Pullout shelving is just as convenient as pullout baskets, and they’re specifically geared for larger loads. Here you can store cereal boxes, canned goods, and even kitchen utility items. Since you can pull out the shelves to view all their contents, things are less likely to get lost or forgotten in the back.

    Pantry Shelving and Dividers

    While many pantries may already have shelving installed, they can be spaced out in ways that don’t suit your needs. Custom pantry shelving and dividers allow you to select the desired height, width, and location for each shelf, with the most-used items in areas that are easiest to reach. Best yet, both are entirely adjustable to change the layout as often as needed. 

    Spice Racks and Wine Racks

    Sorting through an array of disorganized spices is a major time-waster with every recipe. And fine wine does you no good if it’s crammed in the back of the pantry and you forget it even exists. Spice racks and wine racks can keep both items organized, and there are multiple ways to install them. Opt for an on-the-door spice rack or a Lazy Susan organizer. Choose a wine rack with pullout shelving, or a rolling wine rack that slips under the bottom pantry shelf. 

    Whether you’re an avid chef who regularly whips up magnificent recipes or a fan of quick, easy, wholesome meals, More Space Place Dallas can help you create a pantry you absolutely adore. Contact our experts here in Carrollton to learn more about how we can help you Make Room For Life®. We proudly serve the greater Dallas area.

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