• Questions to Ask When Designing a Custom Closet

    A custom closet is both a productive and beautiful asset to any home in Dallas. Before you start setting design plans in stone, make sure that you are building the closet that flawlessly fulfills your unique vision! 

    Custom Closet Dallas

    Take a look at these few questions from the experts at More Space Place to help guide your custom closet plans.

    What visual style am I going for?

    One of the first things you should decide is what you want your closet to look like.  

    If you like things clean-cut and straightforward, you could go with a more minimalist style. Opt for basic colors, simple structures, and understated details. Add in the functional details that will work best with your life, but maintain the mental simplicity of a no-frills look.

    Another popular design for custom closets is the boutique style. Integrating beautiful details like a marble countertop island or a jewelry drawer with interior lighting develops a more luxurious vibe. 

    Which clothes do I use the most?

    Make sure to design your closet strategically. The focal point of custom closet strategy is streamlining your access to your clothing. Consider which clothes you go for the most and make sure to focus on the best way to store and find them every day.

    For example, if you are dressing business casual five days out of seven, it could be best to give your slacks and dress shirts prime closet real estate. Making sure hanging space is in a central location and drawers for weekend casualwear are tucked away a little more may be a good option.

    Which clothes get disorganized the fastest?

    Another angle to your closet strategy to consider is which clothes you currently struggle with. 

    If it’s impossible for you to find the blouse you need when you need it, think about the root of the issue. Are there too many clothes on the rack? Does the closet light not shine on your hanging section? 

    Give these troubled clothing categories special attention when designing your custom closet. Take advantage of all the customization options that More Space Place offers to the Dallas area like extra lighting or double hanging rods. 

    Who will be using this closet?

    Custom closets are built with their user in mind! Make sure to think about who will be using the closet and how it can be designed to best fit their needs. 

    A closet for a kid is going to look a great deal different than a custom closet for an adult, and a closet for one will be set up differently than a closet for a couple.

    For example, couples that are different heights than one another should consider how much hanging space each needs and design hanging rods accordingly. And a child may not appreciate the design of a luxe built-in vanity, so that one might best be saved for adults.

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