• 3 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Clean

    Especially nowadays, you probably spend a lot of time in your home office. Even when you aren’t working, you may find yourself in this area for many hours of the day. That being said, this space can get pretty messy in a hurry. And with our hectic lives getting in the way, finding the time and energy to keep things clean can be a real hassle.

    Luckily, there are a few simple ways to keep a clean and tidy office. Keep reading to learn three tips for keeping your home office neat and spotless.

    Keep a Tidy Desk

    As we all know a messy desk can stress us out, most of us still have a desk that’s a lot dirtier than it should be. If you truly want to maximize your home office and stay productive, it’s best to focus on having a clean desk at all times. Many studies actually prove that a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. To limit the noise and keep your sanity, focus on keeping your desk spotless.

    Control Those Cords

    Most of us need our electronic devices to power through our workday. When we aren’t working, we still continuously use this technology. But while you may be using tons of different equipment in your home office, you probably have tons of cords lying around. As your goal is to keep a clean desk, be sure to organize these cords effectively. Luckily, there are tons of products out there that can help with this. Some people go for flexible tubes where you can shove cords right inside, or others choose to buy a cable box to house all of this equipment.

    Fix the Paper Problem

    Most home offices are flooded with piles of paper in every direction. While you may feel accomplished that you’ve gathered your papers into one pile, you still have some work to do. To fix the issue, go through every piece of paper one by one and choose what to do with it. You should have three separate piles:

    • One stack should be papers that you need to take action on soon.
    • Another pile should be papers that don’t need immediate action.
    • The last pile should be papers that can be thrown away immediately.

    The papers that don’t need immediate attention can be stored away in a filing cabinet or other storage space.

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