• 5 Easy Ways to Save Space in Your Garage

    Many of us use a garage to park our cars, but these areas also have many other purposes. While some use this space for storage, others use it as a man cave or even a home gym. Whatever the case may be, you probably want to save space in this area whenever possible.

    Below, we’ll cover five space-saving tips for your garage:

    Install Garage Cabinets

    You know the power of cabinets in your home, so why not bring the magic to your garage? Cabinets can take your garage space to another level. These can be used to store Christmas decorations, party supplies, camping gear, or anything else! If you’re constantly throwing boxes on your garage floor, it may be time to install some cabinets!

    Add Overhead Storage

    Many homeowners struggle with saving space in the garage because they forget about overhead and ceiling storage. With the products we have nowadays, it’s extremely easy to store tons of stuff in these areas. And not only are these belongings stored away efficiently, but the space will look clutter-free!

    Utilize Your Walls

    With the wide variety of storage products available today, you can store quite a lot on the walls of your garage. From unique shelving to sophisticated hooks, choosing these wall solutions can be extremely beneficial. Many homeowners will build shelves for their power tools or hardware supplies, while others install wall bins to store cables and power cords. The possibilities are endless!

    Fold-Out Workbench

    A workbench is a very popular item to have in your garage, but these do take up a great deal of space. If your garage isn’t big enough for both a car and a workbench, you’re still in luck; More Space Place Dallas can design a custom workbench that fits perfectly in your space! Being attached to your wall, this equipment simply folds up and out of the way. These can be built small or large to fit your personalized needs!

    Store Bikes Up Top

    While you may have tons of items in your garage that take up a lot of room, your bikes are in that equation. Luckily, the problem can be solved with just a few hooks! Be sure to install these hooks from the ceiling of your garage, then place your bike tire over them and let it hang. This can really do wonders for the space in your garage.

    Stay Organized with More Space Place Dallas!

    More Space Place Dallas is your one-stop-shop for all of your space-saving and organizing needs. If you want to declutter your garage and become a storage pro, we have the products you can trust. Visit our showroom in Carrollton, Texas today to see what we have to offer!

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