• Reclaiming Your Closets

    Few of us have the luxury of a walk-in closet. Still, even if you are among the lucky ones who do, the old rule that clutter will expand to fill any space will inevitably apply. Whether you have a narrow closet with just enough depth to fit hangers or a home decorating magazine-worthy his-and-hers closet, everyone needs to find ways to store things better. More Space Place Dallas can help design and install space-saving, customizable built-ins to ensure everything has a proper place in your closet.

    clean organized closet

    Clothing Racks

    The mainstay of any closets, the clothing rack, doesn’t have to be basic. Create hanging areas specifically for the type of clothing that will hang there. By determining where you will hang each kind of clothing, you can save a ton of space. After all, button-down shirts don’t need as much length as dresses.

    While you are at it, don’t forget to install a few hooks. Not only are they great for hanging just about anything, but they are also essential for helping you save time in the morning by laying out the day’s outfit the night before.

    Shoe Storage

    We all have shoes, but not everyone knows how to store them properly. That’s where built-in shoe racks come into play. Get your footwear off the floor by installing a wall-mounted shoe rack. Placing a shoe rack on the bottom of your closet a few inches above the floor helps keep your shoes clean and organized.

    Do you need a more flexible storage option that can hold your shoes and more? Then you need to try cubbies. Small or large, cubbies are fantastic for keeping articles of clothing separate from each other while still being easily accessible.

    Specialty Drawers

    People don’t think twice about building custom cabinets in their kitchens, so why do they believe built-ins in their closets are a luxury? They’re not, they’re a necessity.

    Drawers can store just about anything — from shallow drawers for socks and undies to deeper ones for bulky sweaters and extra bedding. You can even have lined, lockable drawers to hold your expensive jewelry or anything else you want to keep secure and out of reach. You might want to think about installing a dedicated hamper drawer to keep all those dirty clothes from piling up at the bottom of your closet.

    A clean and organized space for clothes is something that everyone deserves. Start your home renovation journey by contacting More Space Place Dallas


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