• Choosing The Right Murphy Bed For You

    With a Murphy bed, you can transform any room of the house into a comfortable guest room. Whether your Murphy bed goes in your home office, living room, or child’s bedroom, you’ll save space and ensure that you’re always ready for visitors.

    More Space Place Dallas offers a variety of wall beds to meet the needs of every customer. Read on to figure out which Murphy bed is right for you based on your home and your needs.

    Manhattan wall bed with slide-out nightstands.

    Low Ceilings or Limited Space

    The Cosmopolitan wall bed, a horizontal panel bed, folds out width-wise from behind a solid panel door. That means you don’t need as much vertical wall space, making the Cosmopolitan ideal for rooms with low ceilings. It also means you don’t need as much floor space, especially if you go with a twin model.

    If low ceilings aren’t a concern, but you love the idea of saving extra space with your Murphy bed, the Metropolitan model might be the right choice for you. The Metropolitan’s solid panel door drops down with the bed and serves as mattress support, so it doesn’t take up additional space.

    Book Lovers

    If you’re a voracious reader, have lots of books to store, or just love the idea of having doors disguised as bookcases, the Jefferson Library and Madison Bifold models are perfect for you. The Madison Bifold Murphy bed includes bifold bookshelves that fold out of the way when you’re ready to use the bed. The bookcase doors slide open on the Jefferson Library model.

    If you need lots of space for books or want to create a home library, keep in mind that the Jefferson comes with side cabinetry and you have the option of adding it to the Madison Bifold. 

    Long-Term Use

    If you often host friends or relatives for extended stays or are thinking of using a wall bed long-term in one of your bedrooms, the Manhattan Murphy bed is a great option. The Manhattan comes with cabinetry on both sides that features slide out nightstands. This will give you or your loved one ample storage space by the bed and help the room feel more like a bedroom.

    Get started today with More Space Place Dallas

    Whether you know what model you want or are still unsure of which wall bed is right for you, our experts are here to help. Call More Space Place or sign up online today for a free consultation! We’re located in Plano and proudly serve the greater Dallas area.

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