• Pantry Organization Solutions for Your Dallas Home

    If your pantry is overruled with clutter and you can’t ever find what you’re looking for, you’re in need of a pantry makeover! An efficient organizational system in your pantry is a must for every home. It allows for a smoothly run kitchen, which is every chef’s dream! It also lets everyone in your home know exactly where everything is. Don’t waste any more time scrambling to find that one ingredient in your cluttered pantry! Our experts at More Space Place Dallas offer custom laundry, pantry, and utility room storage solutions that will turn any space in your home into a perfectly organized and functional room. 

    labeled containers

    A Clean Slate

    With any organization project in your home, the first step is cleaning the area out. Empty out your pantry and give the shelves or cabinets a good wipe down. Throw out any expired products that you haven’t used or no longer need. Donate any unexpired food that you don’t need anymore. Clearing out your pantry regularly allows for you to know exactly what items you have and also reduces clutter and mess. 



    After you cleared out all of the old items, take note of the items you have left. This will help prevent you from buying too much of one item or making sure to stock up on things that are running low. Keep updating this list as you make more trips to the grocery store to ensure that less items are going to waste. 


    Categorize and Label

    The most important organizational step is to combine similar items in your pantry and put them all in one place. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can combine these items and designate a shelf for certain groups like snacks, pastas, rice, and spices. Another way to organize your food is to use baskets so that your shelves can be organized by different subcategories. Place items like snacks or things you would need for baking in separate baskets  and be sure to label it. Jars can be a great way to get rid of excess packaging which saves space in your pantry. Place items like sugar, flour, or salt into clear jars and label them. 


    Finally get rid of pantry room clutter for good and follow our guide for a perfectly organized pantry. Reach out to More Space Place Dallas for all of your home’s custom storage needs. More Space Place Dallas proudly serves the Dallas Fortworth area, including Plano, Frisco, and Mckinney. 


    Photo Credit: © Cameron Carlson

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