• Questions to Ask When Designing a Home Office

    After months of working at the kitchen table or on the couch, many of us have realized that we need a better place to work from home. Before you start painting or buying furniture, you should have a clear sense of what you need in your home office to be comfortable and productive throughout the work day. Ask yourself these questions to make sure you invest your time and money wisely and set yourself up for success.

    Home office with contemporary custom desk

    What motivates you?

    As you’re planning your workspace, think about what helps you stay productive and relaxed. Will neutral colors keep you calm and focused or will brighter colors energize you throughout the day? Do you like having family photographs or print outs of your dream vacation spot on display to remind you why you’re working so hard? Find a way to incorporate what you need to thrive in your home office.

    Does this room need to multitask?

    Be realistic about your space and your needs when designing your home office. If the room needs to double as something else, find an effective way to separate your office from its other function. If your home office doubles as a guest room, consider getting a wall bed. You’ll love having the option to put the bed away when your guests leave so your office is just an office.

    If you want to use your home office as a home gym, too, keep your desk on one side of the room and the workout equipment on the other. Consider adding a curtain or simple partition as a divider.

    What do I need to stay organized?

    A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind, so don’t let papers, office supplies, and other items you store in your workroom pile up. Think about what you need to stay organized. Do you need folders, trays, or binders to keep track of papers? Do you need to upgrade the closet in your office so there’s enough room to store everything you need? Or maybe you want shelves by your desk so items you use regularly are in plain sight and easy to find. By planning ahead, you’ll keep your space neat and clutter-free.

    At More Space Place Dallas, we design custom desks, closets, and other storage solutions for home offices. Call us or sign up online today for a free consultation! Our experts are ready to team up with you and design an office tailored specifically to your vision for your Dallas home.


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