• Accessory Storage Ideas

    Are the accessories in your closet easy to find and protected from damage? When you step into your closet, can you quickly find the piece that you want and use it without detangling or cleaning? Or do you frequently have to replace lost and damaged items?

    If you need to change up your storage system, check out our ideas below for safely and conveniently storing accessories in your closet.

    Closet drawer with jewelry insert

    Belts and Ties

    Belt and tie racks are great tools for keeping these items organized and easy to grab. When all of your ties and belts are visible, it’s easier to compare options while choosing an outfit in the morning. You also avoid wrinkling your ties and getting cracks in your leather belts because you’re not folding or rolling them.


    The best way to store scarves is to fold them in half lengthwise, then roll them up and store your rolled scarves in an open box or basket. For any that have fringe, make sure the fringe is tucked inside. With this method, your scarves are visible and protected, and they take up less space.


    Adding jewelry inserts to your closet drawers is the perfect way to store jewelry. Inserts allow you to store individual pieces in their own compartments instead of throwing everything into one box or drawer, which will become a tangled mess over time. You can also consider adding a few hooks or a jewelry stand to your closet for pieces that you wear on a daily basis.


    Consider storing your purses in an enclosed space to stop them from fading and getting dusty. With a large custom closet, you can create cabinets and drawers that are the perfect sizes for your bags. If you don’t have room for this, use boxes or dust bags. If there are two or three purses you use regularly, add shelf space or hooks to keep these out in the open for easy access.

    Upgrade Your Accessory Storage

    If you don’t have what you need to store your accessories properly or you simply need more space in your closet, contact More Space Place Dallas today. We can help you upgrade or even rebuild your closet to create the perfect storage system for all your accessories. Get started with a free design consultation!

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