• Clothing Storage Tips for Humid Climates

    The temperatures are soaring in Dallas, Texas. With the hotter temperatures, humidity becomes a factor when cleaning and storing clothes. On those wet days, it can take even longer for your clothes to complete the drying cycle or dry when returning from the lake.

    If the clothes are just packed away into the closet, they can develop a mildewy odor that can make the rest of your clothing smell unpleasant. When you are dealing with hot and humid climates, you’ll want to read through our guide for some clothing storage tips to deal with mold and mildew to prevent clothing damage. Reach out to More Space Place Dallas for your custom storage solution needs.

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    Dry Clothes Thoroughly

    Never place wet clothing in closets or storage containers. The sealed environment lacks the proper air ventilation to fully dry the clothes and will develop odors. In addition, the other dry clothing can begin to wick away the moisture from the wet clothing. Always clean and fully dry your clothing before placing it away into storage.

    Space Out Clothing

    Packing clothing too closely in closets prevents air from circulating around your items. The clothes trap heat and humidity against each other and create an unfavorable environment. Try to space out clothing on rods and hooks.

    If the clothing is packed so tight that you struggle to pull out anything as you must physically push the clothes around, you may have to either declutter to increase space or think about expanding your closet. Contact our closet experts at More Space Place Dallas for design ideas to increase airflow and circulation in your closet spaces.

    Improve Ventilation

    You may simply have a closet space located near a humid room, such as the laundry room or bathroom, as it pulls in that heat and humidity. Venting out the hot temperatures and providing additional airflow into the space may help to prevent mold and mildew from forming along your clothing.

    Consider adding a vent in the wall or door that allows cooler temperatures from other spaces to enter the closet. You may also add an exhaust vent to pull out the humidity and heat from the closet to improve air circulation.

    Open Wall-Mounted Closet Concept

    Another issue may simply be that the closet design simply traps the moisture and humidity inside when the door is closed. Even with a vent, it does not allow air circulation. The closet may also be in a location where flooding is a major issue. In these circumstances, consider a closet that is open in the front so that it does not trap heat.

    To prevent moisture from wicking up into the closet from wet floors, consider a wall-mounted closet. At More Space Place Dallas, we offer open closet and wall-mounted closet solutions so the entire closet system is off the ground, as you can use rods, shelves, and drawers to keep your items safe from water damage.

    Keep your clothing safe and smelling fresh by tackling the higher temperatures and humid climates. For more tips about clothing storage, contact our custom closet design experts.


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