• Home Office Trends For 2022

    Working from home offers multiple advantages, especially if you have a comfortable, efficient work area. If you’re designing (or redesigning) your home office in the near future, check out these trending styles and decor ideas for 2022 to create the perfect home office area.

    The Natural Look

    The natural look is trending for home decor overall, so it’s not surprising that homeowners are turning to nature for inspiration when creating or remodeling a home office. Shades of blue, green, and beige are the colors of choice for office walls. Many people are setting up their office space right next to a window in order to enjoy the view of the front or back yard when taking a break from work. Plants are becoming a common office decoration and there are many that grow well with minimal care and maintenance.

    Vertical Storage Space

    As many homes don’t have unlimited office storage space, many homeowners are opting to purchase space-efficient vertical storage units. Cubes, wall racks, and shelves have long been popular storage options, and they are making a comeback.

    One fairly new trend is that storage space is not only being used to store office supplies, books, and paperwork but also showcase decorative items such as knick-knacks and family photos. Using storage space for both decoration and storage personalizes the atmosphere and gives it a relaxed feel; as an added benefit, vertical storage space can be a good backdrop for a Zoom call. More Space Place Dallas specializes in creating custom office storage and can help you design and build the perfect bookcases, shelves, and/or other storage solutions to suit your exact needs and tastes.

    vertical stroage

    Personalized Accents

    A home office isn’t meant to look like a traditional office cubicle. It’s meant to be a vibrant, inspiring area where you can showcase your creativity without compromising organization and efficiency. Purely decorative knick-knacks are all the rage as people seek to personalize their workspace by bringing in souvenirs from past trips and setting up photos of themselves with family members, friends, and colleagues. At the same time, many are turning to ornate office accessories to brighten up an area. Decorative mail storage units, small glass vases that can be used to store pencils and pens, and pretty boxes for storing small office supplies give an office a creative, personal touch.

    Don’t settle for an average home office when you can enjoy a truly inspiring office ambiance that inspires your creativity and your efficiency. Consider the ideas outlined above to get started creating a personalized office space that suits your exact needs, tastes, and budget.

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