• How To Prepare Your Garage For Winter

    If you store items in your garage, now is the time to prepare the area for the cold winter months. Doing so will not only protect important items from damage but also help you avoid wasting time looking for important items. These tips can help you get started on the right track, and they can easily be customized to suit your personal situation.


    Bring your winter clothes and accessories into the home to store in your closets. Get rid of summer clothes and accessories that are broken, damaged, stained, ill-fitting, or no longer your style before storing the remaining items in bins to keep in the garage. Go through stored items in your garage and get rid of anything that hasn’t been used in the last six months to one year.

    Assess Your Garage Storage Space

    Decluttering will give you a good idea of how much garage storage space you’ll need this winter, but you’ll also want to remember your gardening tools and accessories. These items will need to be stored indoors in the winter, and you need to be sure you have enough room for them.

    It’s also important to make sure you have the right kind of storage space. Keeping items organized not only helps you find them easily but also prevents damage. More Space Place Dallas specializes in creating custom garage storage and work areas and can help you create an efficient storage set-up that will suit your current and long-term needs.


    It’s a good idea to insulate your garage if you spend a lot of time working there, intend to use the space to store delicate items, or would simply like to protect your vehicle from extreme temperatures. If you can’t afford to fully insulate the garage walls and ceiling, at least check doors and windows for cracks in the weatherstripping that may let the cold air in. A steel garage door can be a good investment as it not only looks good but also helps to insulate your garage.

    Check Safety Features

    A garage alarm is a must as it takes a burglar only six seconds to break into a regular garage. Carbon monoxide detectors are also important as up to 85% of the air leaking into the home from outside comes from an attached garage. If you don’t have these safety features, it’s wise to consider investing in them. If you already have them, test them to ensure they’re working properly.

    Preparing a garage for winter can take a lot of work, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Break down the jobs and do a few each week. Before you know it, your garage will be ready to help you weather the cold months ahead.

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