• Keeping Your Pantry Organized – For Good!

    pantry organization solutionsMost of us are all too familiar with the vicious cycle of pantry organization. We spend an entire afternoon dragging out boxes of expired pasta, creating a new system, and returning everything to a state of order. Fast forward two weeks and we are right back where we started. Cereal boxes have been haphazardly placed throughout the entire pantry and somehow potato chips are now classified as a “Breakfast Item”, tucked between packets of oatmeal and granola. 

    Fortunately, this does not always have to be the case! With a custom pantry design and a few helpful tips, you can ditch this routine for good! If you’re ready to get your pantry organized once and for all, More Space Place Dallas is ready to help you get there.

    Success starts with a solid foundation. In this case, that comes in the form of pantry accessories. At More Space Place Dallas, we have several options for creating organization throughout your pantry space. 

    Pullout Shelving

    Pullout shelving is a great solution to pantry organization. One of the reasons that we become complacent with our organization is that returning things to their proper place can be inconvenient, or even difficult to reach. With pullout shelving, there’s no more awkward reaching. You can glide your shelves in and out with ease, granting yourself quick and convenient access to the full extent of your storage space.


    Baskets help solve the problem of “Where does this go again?”. When similar items are grouped together, you can quickly visualize your different categories and quickly assess where to return an item. Bonus: Add a label to your baskets to create an even more organizational clarity!

    Lazy Susan

    Another common issue is that the awkward corner space typically goes unused. It quickly becomes a dropping zone for extra fruit snacks, loose grocery bags, and more. With a corner lazy susan, you can grant that space a functional purpose and lose the chaotic landing area. This forces all items to be placed in their proper locations. 

    Shelving and Dividers

    In order to create a stronger sense of organization and hierarchy, you can utilize shelving and dividers. When your pantry is one, open space, it can be difficult to create order. Without a visual separation, you have to consistently create your own sections and attempt to neatly line things up. This quickly becomes exhausting and leads to disorganization. 

    Wine and Spice Racks

    Leave your shelf space for items that are harder to store. When you incorporate wine and spice racks, you can give those items a clear place and maximize storage space for other, more unconventional items. 

    If you’re looking to incorporate all of these accessories and more into your pantry design, contact More Space Place Dallas today and get started on your dream pantry. Ditch the cycle and keep your space organized for good!

    Photo by Annie Spratt 

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