• Your Ultimate Guide to WFH Success

    Dallas Custom Home OfficeIt’s 2022 and by now, we’re all aware of how the work landscape has changed. Remote or hybrid-style positions can be found at almost every large company. Many smaller companies are following suit as well. This means that you’re bringing office life into your home, and you need a space that reflects that. Every job is different. Responsibilities, requirements, and daily tasks can vary from position to position. That uniqueness requires custom solutions. More Space Place Dallas understands that productivity can be greatly affected by our environment. If you’re looking to create the perfect ‘work from home’ space through personalized solutions, read on! We’re sharing the two most important things to consider as you design your office space.

    Organization is Key

    If your position requires intense organization (but let’s be honest, whose doesn’t?), More Space Place Dallas has several office storage options. Our variety of storage solutions are tailored to help you create the system that works best for you! Whether it’s filing cabinets and shelving units or bookcases and desks, wherever your needs lie, we are ready to help you meet them!

    It’s important to consider what kinds of information you will want within reach, and which files and documents can be stored further away. At its core, organization is about accessing information right when you need it. It’s about knowing where everything is. Asking yourself: “what information do I access on a daily basis?” And “what information only gets the occasional use?”, can help guide decisions for your own personal organization system. 

    If your position requires a certain level of security, where you are dealing with sensitive information on a daily basis and need to keep lots of documents safe, you might want to opt for storage units with an added level of security. You can speak to your designer about adding locks and other safety measures to your office to ensure peace of mind throughout your workday. 

    Incorporate Your Style

    There’s no reason that style can’t also be professional. You can keep the professional feel of the space without sacrificing aesthetics. What type of finishes feels the homiest to you? Which colors inspire you? What kinds of designs benefit your productivity? These are all important questions to ask yourself when creating a room, especially one you will spend a lot of time in. Whatever your personal style is, it’s important to create a space that inspires and influences you to do your best work. Creating a space that feels true to who you are and the kind of work you want to accomplish will help you do just that!

    If you’re ready to create the home office perfect for you, contact More Space Place Dallas today! You can also learn more about custom office designs and other storage solutions available to you by visiting our website today. 


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