• Organizing Your Media Collection

    Are you a movie buff? Do you like having family and friends over for movie nights or game nights? If so, have you ever considered customizing your media storage? With a More Space Place custom home entertainment system, you decide what you want and we’ll design the storage that best suits your needs! Read on to find out how we can make organizing your media collection easy.

    Endless options for storage and hardware:

    Whatever you’re hoping your entertainment center will include or look like, we guarantee that the experts at More Space Place Dallas can help you. The combinations that you can create with our revised Modular System are limitless. For starters, we offer floor-to-wall frames or floor-to-ceiling frames to best suit your space. Then you can decide how deep you want the units to be and what size shelves to include. Our systems are fully personalizable, meaning you decide all the colors, hardware, and every element you can think of! 


    Fun for the family:

    Not sure howto go about organizing your media collection of CDs and video games? Consider slide-out drawers with a full extension so you can show off your collection in one simple step! If you have kids who are constantly getting their little hands pinched in drawers, you can install soft close or touch release options. Never worry about your kids getting into trouble during playtime again! 


    Why work with us?

    Functionality meets aesthetic in the custom design of our Media Centers. Our designers will work with you to create an entertainment cabinet designed around your room, your television, and the components that make up your entertainment system. With dedicated space for all of your components and storage for books, media, and display pieces, More Space Place Dallas creates organization and style for your space.

    Unsure of what you want? Contact More Space Place Dallas to get started with a free consultation today. 

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